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The robot drives the path given in advance. The path can be of any shape, but some simple paths are preferred, as the robot will eventually fail due to the tolerance. The paths given here are an obstacle and baseball field, also encircling the obstacles.


Almost any robot will do. This example is done with Asimov 2/ Verne. Depending on the orientation of motors, and/ or gears, the steering direction might be the opposite.


No sensors is used. Expect the servo motor rotation angle, or the timer.

Example Videos


Encircling one obstacle is rather easy, and can be done using only one programming block. However, more speed and accuracy is gained by using more programming blocks.

Encircling the baseball field is more advanced, but still rather easy job to do.


Example Code

There exists a huge amount of different codes that do the thing. Here is only one version. Do your own. The code is shown below.

Example code of encircling an obstacle.


  • Try to go around the circle exactly in a given time, e.g. in 80 seconds.
  • Clock the time and try to get the fastest possible time.
  • Measure the difference between the starting point and the ending point of the robot.
  • Make N (e.g. five) laps around the obstacle. Measure the (i) time or (ii) distance between starting and ending points.

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